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Holden, MA


Hello and Welcome to my Fine Art America and my Pixels photography site! From abandoned to beautiful and everything in between... photography prints by Luke Moore. For me, photography is about telling a story, awakening the senses, or nurturing a particular mood or thought. Sometimes ordinary objects become fascinating when shown in different light or from a different viewpoint. Sometimes my intention is nothing more than borrowing a moment from time in order to appreciate tones of light, shadows, shapes, or textures.

Both Fine Art America(FAA) and Pixels provide secure check-out and money-back guarantee. Professional printing is performed by FAA on a wide array of materials such as paper, canvas, and acrylic. Shipping typically takes 5-10 business days, FAA takes care of everything including the order, payment processing, and shipping.

Most prints are digitally signed, with "Luke Moore". Usually, the signature has some degree of transparency, and is typically located on the bottom left, bottom center, or bottom right of the print. The "Fine Art America" watermarks WILL NOT appear on your purchased/physical print. All prints are made from high-resolution, full size files. If you have any questions or concerns, please don not hesitate to contact me using the contact link at the top of this page. Thank you so much and have a good one!

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